Benny Goodman Entertainment
Professional DJ - Musician 
Ever since Benny Goodman could walk, he knew that music, the arts, and entertainment would be his calling in life. "As far back as I can remember, I'd wake up to hear my mother practicing Chopin on the piano and playing the Beatles on the guitar. There was never a question in my mind that I wanted to do something like that."

It started with the piano, but things got kicked up a notch when Benny realized his love for the guitar. He played in rock bands starting from the age of 14, headlining local clubs and immersing himself in the music and underground rave scenes. At 17, Benny got signed with his progressive metal band, CARV, to XOFF Records and began working with producer Scott Riebling (Weezer, Fall Out Boy, Cobra Starship) and manager Dan Beck (Michael Jackson, Pearl Jam, Moby). "That was a fantastic time in my life. I was this naive kid who was fortunate enough to work with some of the most amazing people in the music industry at some of the best studios in the world. It was like rock and roll boot camp."

By his mid twenties, Benny was touring around the US, playing clubs and festivals, including Boston's Locobazooka festival. When a local promoter heard about Benny's early success in organizing shows with no money and virtually no resources (at 16, he put on a show with 30+ bands at the Worcestor Palladium in order to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis), he approached Benny to help book and run Locobazooka. The festival featured everyone from Slipknot, Alice in Chains, and Disturbed to Primus, Black Sabbath, and Godsmack. "It was an amazing experience because putting on a show of that caliber, working with the radio people, marketing people, band managers, and record labels was seriously an eye-opening journey that really helped me to understand what it takes to put on a truly great event."

Benny grew up in the DJ booth at WORC 1310am, where his parents were part owners of an oldies radio station. He thought it was the coolest thing to watch the DJs pick out what music the world would get to listen to. Little did he know how much of an influence this would have later in life, when he began his career as a professional DJ.

In 2010, a club owner approached Benny to become the resident Friday night DJ at The Place in downtown Boston. As a classically trained musician, Benny had never taken DJing seriously, but he realized it was time to up his game and acknowledge how important DJing is to the music community today. Benny approached close friend and began trading vocal 

training and studio time in exchange for "DJ lessons". "I knew how to mix beats, but when you watch someone as amazinging DJs, you realize there's a whole lot more to DJing than just knowing a few songs and using a crossfader." Over the next three years, Benny built his reputation, honed his skills, and has since become a Boston staple in the DJ community, regularly appearing in clubs all over the city and New England.

Benny has been featured in CBS' "Around the World For Free," performed at Sundance Film Festival, and in the movies "Ordinary Man," "Zone 5," and "Wish For Christmas," and continues to perform and produce around the country with multiple music acts, as well as a DJ, and director.